What Is the Best Way To Store High-Quality Weed To Maintain Its Potency?

May 22, 2023 | Cannabis Cultivation, Cannabis Industry, Cannabis Products, Cannabis Research, Cannabis Science

High-quality weed can last for up to two years if it’s stored properly. Unfortunately, it quickly loses its great taste and potency if it’s exposed to too much sunlight, extreme temperatures, or high humidity. That’s why our experts at UBaked recommend that you keep your cannabis in a dark, cool space. You can also vacuum seal weed to preserve it and reduce the smell.

What Is the Best Way to Store High-Quality Weed to Maintain Its Potency? 

When choosing a storage space for your weed, the first thing to consider is safety. Keep cannabis away from children and pets to prevent incidents. You might want to select a location that can be locked or that is too high for little people to reach. Once you’ve found a safe storage space, check that the conditions are right, so your weed doesn’t deteriorate prematurely.

The four biggest factors that affect the quality of weed are temperature, air, light, and humidity. If you get all four factors right, you can keep cannabis flowers, joints, and moonrocks for many months at a time. On the other hand, you’re likely to notice deterioration after just a few weeks if your storage space is unsuitable.


When cannabis is exposed to extreme temperatures, the terpenes and cannabinoids are destroyed. That’s why it’s important to keep weed in a cool place, where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate.  It’s also worth remembering that temperatures of 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for mold and mildew growth, so it’s best to keep your room cool.

A storage space at or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal because the weed is unlikely to become contaminated. Don’t let the temperature get below 32 degrees since extreme cold can slow down the decarboxylation process.

Air and Light

During the growth phase, cannabis plants need oxygen and sunlight. That’s why live plants have to be exposed to plenty of light and air. However, the same isn’t true for buds that have been harvested. Direct sunlight dries out your weed, reduces its potency, and worsens its taste.

Always keep cannabis in a dark place. Make sure it’s exposed to some air, especially if the buds haven’t dried out completely. This prevents the humidity from getting too high. Make sure the weed isn’t exposed to too much airflow because this causes it to dry out and degrade.


When the air is very humid, mold or mildew growth is more likely. However, very dry air isn’t ideal either because it affects the flavor and texture of the weed. If your plants dry out too much, they become brittle and harsh. That’s why we suggest keeping cannabis in a room with a relative humidity of 59% to 63%. Mold begins to form at an RH above 65%, and weed becomes brittle at an RH below 55%.

The easiest way to determine the RH in your storage space is to use a hygrometer. It measures both the humidity and the temperature, so it’s an essential piece of equipment for anyone who’s storing high-quality weed for long periods. If the humidity is too high, invest in a dehumidifier or add houseplants to absorb moisture. If it is too low, purchase a humidifier or use a spray bottle of water.

Storing Cannabis Flower

You can buy specialized storage containers for cannabis, but this isn’t necessary because regular mason jars are suitable. Glass is the best material. Unlike metal, it doesn’t affect the aroma or taste of the weed. It’s a much better choice than plastic because the latter causes static and therefore breaks down the trichomes that contain a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Choose a jar that is easily sealable because it will keep contaminants out. You can buy UV-proof glass if you don’t have a dark place to store your weed. Pack the jar as tightly as possible to prevent excessive amounts of humidity and oxygen from affecting the cannabis. Store each strain separately, so the unique flavor profiles can be maintained.

Close up of medical marijuana buds in a glass mason jar

Storing Joints 

Joints can be stored in the same way as unground nugs. Keep them in a dark, cool area, pay attention to the humidity, and avoid excessive airflow. Because the flower is already ground up, you don’t have to worry about it breaking apart. Use glass jars or the original container you bought your joints in. It’s important to remember that pre-rolled joints can’t be stored for the same amount of time as flowers. Try to consume them within a month of purchase.

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