What Is Banana OG Strain Good for?

Apr 25, 2023 | Cannabis Cultivation, Cannabis Industry, Cannabis Products, Cannabis Research, Cannabis Science

Cannabis can be split up into two main groups: Sativas are energizing and anxiety-reducing, while Indicas are intensely relaxing. There are many hybrid strains available that combine these two properties. The Banana OG strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid plant that is great for people suffering from depression, anxiety, sleep problems, chronic pain, and stress. Its effects are strong, so new smokers should start by consuming low doses.

What Is the Banana OG Strain Good for?

Banana OG is a powerful strain created by crossing OG Kush with Banana Kush. It’s very Indica-dominant, which means that it is intensely relaxing and can ease stress, worry, anxiety, and even some kinds of chronic pain. It’s also an excellent solution for people who have a sleeping disorder or find it hard to relax at the end of a long day. Banana OG is best taken at night because it makes smokers feel drowsy.

Before ordering this strain from UBaked, check that it’s right for you. Consider your health issues, medical history, and tolerance level. Banana OG is quite strong, so you might have to consume it in low doses if you’re a new smoker. It’s not ideal if you suffer from low energy or constant fatigue. In this case, a Sativa-dominant strain is better for you. If you’re not sure whether Banana OG is suitable, reach out to us, and we’ll help you find an appropriate strain.


Major depression is getting increasingly common in the United States. Over 8% of people experience at least one depressive episode in any given year. Teenagers and young adults are particularly affected due to the pressures placed on them by the cost of living crisis, the recent pandemic, and the lack of social support.

Cannabis strains with a high THC content, like Banana OG, are particularly effective at fighting depression because they provide smokers with a strong high that makes it easier for them to cope. Patients with serious depression often do best when they combine cannabis with medical assistance and therapy.


Anxiety is another societal issue that has become more common over the last few years. People of all ages suffer from the symptoms, which include restlessness, difficulty concentrating, unexplained pain, and sleeping problems. Several studies have shown that some forms of anxiety are caused or exacerbated by an endocannabinoid deficiency.

This is one of the reasons why so many people find smoking beneficial. Indica-dominant strains like Banana OG are known for their relaxing qualities, so they are an excellent choice for people struggling with anxiety.

Sleeping Problems

There are many reasons why you might not be able to sleep. Some of them can be addressed with Banana OG. In particular, this strain is great for treating sleeping problems related to anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

If you have general sleeping problems that are unrelated to another condition, Banana OG is still worth a try because it’s an Indica-dominant strain, so it makes you feel drowsy. It doesn’t put you to sleep or knock you out, but it prevents you from wanting to move around and do too much. Instead of ruminating on your problems, you’ll be blissed out and peaceful.

Chronic Pain 

Around 23% of adults and 30% of older adults suffer from chronic pain. It can be the symptom of a wide range of issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, stomach ulcers, and organ issues. Sometimes, chronic pain is related to mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression.

The Banana OG strain discourages certain brain functions and neurochemicals that cause pain, so it’s an excellent choice. Many people have found it particularly effective for problems related to the digestive system. Because the strain helps smokers to relax, it prevents them from developing mental health issues related to their chronic pain.

Stress and Generally Unpleasant Situations 

Stress and an inability to relax is maybe the most common reason why people turn to cannabis. While most strains help to make the body and mind feel more at ease, Banana OG is particularly suitable due to its relaxing properties. It’s a great strain for those who have just gone through a stressful period and are now looking to unwind or those who are struggling with a difficult life situation and need some relief.

However, it’s not suitable for people who have a lot on their plate because they might feel too lethargic to complete their tasks. These smokers should choose a Sativa-dominant strain that provides them with a lot of energy and lifts their mood.

Who Should Choose Banana OG?

This strain is perfect for cannabis consumers who love the Indica effects of OG Kush but prefer a more varied and fruitier flavor profile. OG Kush can sometimes be too sour for new or younger smokers. As the name suggests, Banana OG has a distinct banana flavor. Consumers often notice a gentle citrus aroma that undercuts the fruitiness of the strain.

Banana OG has been compared to finely aged whisky due to its lemony citrus and spiced oak notes. It’s one of the best options for people with chronic pain, anxiety, or depression. Because it’s very strong when compared to other strains, it has to be enjoyed with caution, especially by people who don’t yet have a lot of experience.

How to Best Enjoy Banana OG

If you’ve never tried Banana OG before, don’t overdo it. This strain is known to be a “creeper,” which means that the effects don’t set in immediately. Instead, they creep up on the smoker. People who take too much at once sometimes enter a comatose state before experiencing intense hunger and sleepiness. Start with a small dose, and wait for an hour or two before taking any more.

It’s best to smoke Banana OG in the evening because it’s known to make people feel tired. Have snacks handy because you might feel very hungry. When you first try this strain, make sure you don’t have any important commitments during the next 24 hours because you might be too relaxed and sleepy to do much.

What Happens After Smoking? 

After you’ve smoked Banana OG, you might not feel anything for a while. At first, you’ll likely feel a rush of euphoria, and your mind might race. This initial reaction is similar to what people feel after smoking a Sativa-dominant strain, but it passes relatively quickly. Soon, your body will start to feel pleasantly relaxed, and you’ll crash on your sofa.

As the effects start to wear off, you’ll feel mentally and physically at ease, and you might even fall asleep for a few hours. Some people state that the experience is similar to coming home after a long, active day. Many also report that they have intense thoughts, which sometimes prompt them to make changes in their lives.

The Banana OG strain is Indica-dominant and has a high THC content, so it’s an excellent choice for people suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, or sleeping problems. Its high is extremely potent, but it often “creeps” up on the user instead of becoming apparent right away. Reach out to us at UBaked to find out more about this strain or to purchase our high-end products. 

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