How Do the Effects of Moonrocks Compare to Other Cannabis Products?

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Moon rocks have been a popular cannabis product since the 1990s. Capable of producing an incredibly strong high, they are suitable for experienced smokers who have a high THC tolerance. So, what is moon rock weed, and how does it compare to other cannabis products? Read on to find out.

How Do the Effects of Moon Rocks Compare to Other Cannabis Products?

The effects of moon rocks depend on several factors, including who made them, what ingredients are used, and how they were made. They are almost always more potent than regular joints and edibles. Moon rocks contain around 50% THC, while joints contain just 17 to 28%. That’s why even the most seasoned consumers experience a significant high when they smoke moon rocks.

Moon Rocks vs Joints 

Moon rocks are an upgraded version of regular cannabis products. The nugs are covered in hash oil and kief, so they offer a much more potent high than a normal joint. That’s why they are only appropriate for people who already have some experience with marijuana. Moon rocks are an excellent choice for regular smokers who are looking for something more intense.

Moon Rocks vs Edibles 

It’s hard to compare moon rocks to edibles because the two products are so different. The marijuana extracts commonly used to create edibles contain around 50 to 90% THC, but they are diluted by the other substances contained in the edibles. The potency depends on the amount of marijuana used and the type of product. Some of the strongest ones are chocolate, gummies, and baked goods.

In the end, it comes down to personal preference. While some people love having a smoke, others are more comfortable eating cannabis products. The best way to find out what gives you the best high is to experiment with various products.

Moon Rocks vs Concentrates 

Cannabis concentrates are used to produce edibles, but they can also be consumed in several other ways. They are made by distilling down the parts of the plant that contain cannabinoids and terpenes, so they can be very strong. Sometimes, they are heated and vaporized. This process is called dabbing, and it produces an incredibly effective high. Concentrates can also be added to regular joints or smoked in a vape pen.

Sometimes, they are used to enhance topical creams and lotions. These products are typically used for pain relief, not to get high. Concentrates can be more or less potent than moon rocks, depending on the consumption method and the type of concentrate used.

Moon Rocks vs Sun Rocks

Sun rocks are a more recent invention. Every part of the product comes from the same strain, usually OG Kush. First, BHO extract is created. Then, it is spread over a bud very thinly, so it can barely be seen. The resulting sun rock is extremely potent, with a THC concentration of up to 80%. It is a great way to consume BHO because you can comfortably smoke a joint instead of just having one drag.

Compared to sun rocks, moon rocks are less potent. However, they are the safer option for the wide majority of people, so it’s always better to start with them. Even seasoned smokers have to be careful with sun rocks because they can be overwhelming and even dangerous. In contrast, moon rocks are safer, especially when smoked responsibly in a familiar environment.

What Is Moon Rock Weed? 

So, what is moon rock weed? Moon rocks are a combination of several cannabis products. They are made by taking a nugget of marijuana and spraying it with or dipping it in hash oil. Then, the coated nugget is rolled in kief, the sticky crystals that cover the cannabis flower and contain a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes. Almost any combination of ingredients can be used, so the strength and flavor of moon rocks can vary.

Many people use the Girl Scout Cookies strain because it is indica-predominant and therefore makes the smoker feel relaxed and stress-free. Despite this, it also produces euphoric effects, so the overall experience is excellent. Moon rocks made with GSC can be used for pleasure, but they are also great at addressing issues like appetite loss, chronic pain, and nausea.

UBaked Moon Rock

How To Smoke Moon Rocks 

You can smoke moon rocks. However, they are much stickier, so keeping them lit can be a challenge. That’s why many people prefer glassware like pipes and bongs when consuming moon rocks. Start by cutting up the moon rocks using a knife or scissors. Don’t use a grinder because you’ll lose kief, and the grinder will get very sticky.

Next, place a small piece of moon rock onto a half-full bowl of flower. Apply low heat as you slowly burn it. Inhale at an even pace, and prepare yourself for an intense high. If you’ve never smoked moon rocks before and you’re not an experienced smoker, you can try adding small pieces to a regular joint. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed by the high THC content. Always start slowly, and take breaks to make sure you’re not smoking too much too quickly.

Preparing Your Space 

Don’t schedule any important events on the day you smoke moon rocks because you might feel too blissed out to do anything. Instead, take the rest of the day off and make sure you have a comfortable, safe place to ride out your high. Prepare your space before you get started. Have enough water and food at hand because you’ll likely feel hungry and thirsty after smoking. A common side effect is a dry mouth, so it’s important to stay hydrated.

If you have roommates or family members, either let them know what you’re going to do or make sure that they aren’t around. That way, you’re unlikely to be disturbed, and you can fully enjoy the experience.

How Long Do the Effects Last? 

The effects of moon rocks depend on your THC tolerance, the purity of the product, and the amount you smoke. Many people feel an instant change, and they remain high for many hours at a time. Sometimes, the high from moon rocks can last for longer than a day, especially if large amounts are consumed.

Some of the most common effects are drowsiness, hunger, greater sensory perception, and increased happiness. Some people report that moon rocks increase their creativity. However, many others feel too spaced out to do anything creative after smoking them. They prefer lying on the sofa and enjoying the blissed-out feeling that comes with a strong high.

Where to Get Moon Rocks

You have to be careful about where you get your moon rocks from because it’s hard to tell what the flower looks like from the outside. Some people have been tricked by unethical vendors who pair bad buds with subpar hash oil or even use a completely different kind of oil that doesn’t contain THC.

That’s why it’s important to get moon rocks from a quality dispensary like UBaked. All our products are made in-house, so we have control over the ingredients we use.

Moon rocks are combinations of marijuana nuggets, hash oil, and kief. They have a THC concentration of around 50%, so they’re much more potent than joints and many edibles. Reach out to us at UBaked to purchase high-quality moon rocks, joints, concentrates, and other cannabis products. 

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