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We Believe In cannabis That
does its job.

Extraordinary cannabis grown in a state-of-the-art cultivation facility, with the highest quality, standards and consistency. 


Extraordinary flower grown in a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility.


High-quality concentrates ranging from shatter and crumble to distillate, sugar, and live resins.


Only the finest edibles are produced in our cutting-edge kitchen galley.

Sublingual Spray

The finest terpenes and essential oils to deliver a satisfying cannabis experience.

It’s what goes into it

Coffee Bean

the art to grow

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend

UBaked’s purpose-built, state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility began production in 2019. Through superior quality and high standards of integrity, UBaked sets itself apart from the rest in the industry. Environmental sustainability is an important aspect of our process. Less energy and water are consumed compared to traditional indoor grow methods through the use of industry-leading energy-efficient equipment and grow techniques.

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What Makes Cannabis So Tasty?

What Makes Cannabis So Tasty?

If you’re an avid cannabis connoisseur, you know how delicious cannabis is. And we’re not just talking about edibles. But what makes cannabis so tasty? The short answer is terpenes. And this isn’t news. But the industry’s increased understanding of them is. As such,...

The Difference Between Sun Rocks And Moon Rocks

The Difference Between Sun Rocks And Moon Rocks

If you fancy yourself a cannabis aficionado, you’ve probably heard of moon rocks. Maybe you’ve even tried them and had a pretty unforgettable experience. It’s not difficult to find moon rocks on many a provisioning center’s menus these days. They’ve experienced a...

VA Still Rejects Cannabis Research

VA Still Rejects Cannabis Research

As millions of veterans continue to self-medicate from ailments caused by their time in the military, the VA still rejects cannabis research. And these veterans find it frustrating - to say the least. It doesn’t seem to matter that along with veterans, there are...

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